Last night the boys and I spent our first night at my parents.  My dad made a triple bunk bed for the boys in their room and I took over the computer room... I have been dragging my feet at this move for a while, trying to hold onto my independence.  Today I feel FREE.... I needed this.  I can't do it on my own, I need everything that I know my parents house can give all of us..... Such as:
Morning coffee time with mom..  (while dad starts our cars)
Prayer time together before school for the boys
Their Neighbors
2 more adult minds
Unconditional love
Sunrises and Sunsets on the lake
Release from household responsibilities
someone to cook with
Random people to minister to and laugh with
the hammock
walks on the beach
family (siblings)

And so much more.  Thank you God for the peace you have given me today!