Long Awaited

For nearly a year, I have been in a funk. I know God has been moving in many different directions but I continued to have this void inside of me. I'm sure partly because I have chosen it but not completely.

Our family attends a large church that allows for me to sink in my seat and get lost each week and usually that's what I chose to do. I feel God's presense there week after week as He meets up with me during worship and reminds my of His plans for my life during each message. I'm very thankful for this resting place for my heart. I do have some amazing friends that come and sit next to me each week. To watch their spiritual growth in spite of certain circumstances has been very inspiring to me.

Recently God moved in us to begin reaching out again to others for His greater purpose. We started a "small group". It was about the most natural thing to do for us yet we never felt the calling until now. There's been a void of community in our lives and we were doing nothing about it. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm amazed at the way its already brought so much healing.

We meet in a house that has no furniture. We have brown chairs, Bibles and one HOT worship leader. :) The growing group has taken on their roles, like: bringing toilet paper, snacks, crayons and paper towel... Oh yea, and for sure coffee!

Lord God of Heaven and Earth... I fall at your feet this morning and say THANK YOU!