Happy Birthday J

I only remember one fight in all of our childhood years. It was when we were teenagers and it was over who got to use the phone for the night. That’s it. Anything you liked, I liked. You had a way of telling me about the stories of Wayne Gretzky, Steve Yzerman, Axle Rose, Kurt Cobain, Rocky Balboa, MacGyver,John Loftquist and Tori Amos that made me feel like I knew them and needed to like them. (I really just cared because you did).

As we grew older our bond grew stronger. We always seemed to be in the same circles, I’m sure it was because we intended it to be that way.

When trials came my way, I knew you would always be there and you were. In the most recent days, it’s been overwhelmingly hard to see your path traveled. Although, it’s been tough, I’m so thankful to have been around while you walked it and have enjoyed each visit and cherished each conversation. Yet another bonding experience for us.

For some reason God has brought some distance during this next journey for you and your family. I’ve opened your recent email with pictures of your family and their smiling faces over and over. It fills me with so many different emotions, both good and bad.

It’s your birthday this week and I can't ship the cookies, (sorry).
I miss you already. I’m praying for you. I believe in you.

I love you.

Happy Birthday to the best Big Brother in the world!