my sweet boys

I've been fighting a cold for a few days so when I got home from work last night I was pretty tired already. I started the nightly routine of checking homework, doing some laundry and normal house cleanup stuff. The boys sensing that I was tired then suggested that I go take a bath. They said, "mom, we'll do the laundry, you go relax". Andrew even went and started bath water, found the bath beeds and bubbles and threw them in there for me. He turned the lights off and put a small candle on the shelf. He took my hand and said "go mom"... (haha). He wanted to go get his cd player for me for some "soothing music" - (his words) but I assured him what he had already done was enough...

Andrew did knock on the door a few times to check to see if I was "relaxed". You mother's can appreciate this! :)

When I got out of the bathtub, both Andrew and David had put together stuff to give me a pedicure and manicure, including a large bowl to soak my feet in. Blare picked out a movie for us to watch.
The sad thing is that although I appreciated it, I don't think I truly thought about how sweet it was until I came to work today and thought about it more. I just have the sweetest boys EVER!