I'm giving you all the Glory now Lord for what the days ahead will bring. For I know the plans you have for me.
In February of this year, I asked you to stretch me. I asked you to show me more of You. Thank you for listening Father God and drawing near when I called out to you. Thank you for reminding me that you are the same God now as you were when you showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush and to your faithful servants in the fiery furnance. You are the same God today that you were when Daniel needed you in that lions den and you drew near when David learned to trust in you while fighting against the giant in front of him. You provided the lamb for Issac when he was obedient to your call. You NEVER change. Your love NEVER changes. Your Power NEVER changes.
You know the prayers I have prayed, you know the Hope that is in my heart and the rest you have given my soul.
I praise you now and forever. Your will be done.