A few weeks ago, I saw a post on facebook that caught my attention and instantly pushed me to accept the challenge it was encouraging. It was a 21 day challenge of praying for boys. Since we only have boys, it excited me. The challenge came from another mother, Brooke McGlothlin, who was led by the Lord to write a book that includes words from her heart as well as pages and pages of prayers to pray for our children. I feel like I can relate to her so much as she talks about her boys being so busy and adventurous from early on. I'm overwhelmed with even a deeper love for our boys through these prayers. While praying these things, I'm reminded of who one day the Lord will call them to be. I'm not in charge of when and what that is, I'm just being obedient in believing in these things for them now even knowing we haven't even hit the difficult days of teenage years to come.

I have so many fond memories, almost only fond memories of my childhood. I think one of the reasons for that is because our family has countless family videos to watch. We got our first video camera in 1988. From 1988 until this day, my father has been incredible at capturing important times in our lives. I will admit that in the beginning, it was present sometimes even at the dinner table... (just because). We would ask him to get it out and he would. He was always the man behind the lens laughing at our creativity and cheering us on in our victories. He recently burned them all onto DVD's so we could each have them for our homes. My boys enjoy watching them and laughing at us.

I haven't been nearly as good as my father at video tapping events or taking pictures as I should but one thing that I did do was buy a notebook when I was pregnant for each of them to journal to them some important things that I wanted to tell them.
I continue to write letters to them every few months. The older boys know about these notebooks and will ask to read them sometimes. I know one day, that these notebooks will be one of the things that I allow for them to take with them as they embark on new adventures outside of our home.

This blog page will still be available for them to look too.

Here are the prayers I prayed for you each of today on my knees...

Avoiding Foolishness

Titus 3:9
2 Tim 2:23
Eph. 5:4
Matt 7:26
Ecc. 4:13
Titus 3:3
Prov. 14:7
Eph 5:17
Prov. 19:1
Ecc. 10:2

Prov. 16:18
Prov. 29:23
Job 33:17
Lev. 26:19
Prov. 13:10
Prov. 21:24
2 Cor. 7:4
Gal. 6:4
Ps. 36:11
1 Sam. 2:3