Dream Big my friend

I have a black and white sticker that reads "DREAM BIG" that I stare at everyday when I drive my silver minivan. I had a smaller one I put near my radio of the small car I drove before we bought our van. Once we got our van, I enlarged this labeled sticker and was sure to put it dead center of my steering wheel. I am forced to look at it everyday when I come to a stop.

I just thought I would post how much writing little things all over the place for me to see has helped me not lose site when I'm faced with a mountain in my path.

In front of my sink currently reads these 3 things.
1.Proverbs 14:1 - The wise woman builds her home but the foolish pulls it down with her OWN hands.
2. For only those who know God intimately will live passionately for Him in this world
3. The world has yet to see what God will do through one man/woman whose heart is completely His.

I have bought many a packs of 3x5 cards and colored gel pens to write on when something inspires me so.

I want to Capture the quotes, verses, lyrics that speak to my soul. I put them on paper in my home to pass them on for others to see.

If you happen to visit our home, our hope is that you walk away loved.