Learning to worship

Tonight our family went to "Worship on the Waterfront" to see Rick Hopkins play. What an amazing musician. As the sun was setting, the breeze brought in a special sense of God's presence. As Rick led us in the Chris Tomlin song "Our God is greater",Eric and I looked down at Keegan. He had begun to raise his tiny little right hand like mama. It was so sweet. He did it for the next two more songs too. I looked over at each of our boys and I just had this peace settle in. They are learning. This is what its all about. They could feel that same sweet Sprirt that was moving everyone in the crowd to worship and to find Him in the place they needed Him to show up.
This is what I was called to do... Teach these boys to worship our Creator. Lift your voices and lift up your hands boys. We sure serve a Mighty God who deserves our worship.