A few nights ago, my husband and I attended a wedding. The couple saying their vows were very young but everyone in the room could see the passion in their eyes for one another and feel the determination in their voices to embrace the commitment they were promising to each other that special day.
I watched this young man’s mother as she was being seated in the front row and I began to envision what those special days for our family will be like.
This morning as I was driving into work, I began praying again for my future daughter in laws. Because I have four boys, the thought of finally getting a daughter seems extra special and I want to be sure that I am prayerfully prepared for that season of my life.
I would never wish away this season of having teenage sons, mixed in with a one year old whose just beginning to learn how to walk.
I truly have enjoyed every stage of parenting thus far and I can only imagine that I will still be able to say the same thing as I face my last days here on earth.
I was created to be a wife and mother