Saying goodbye

I woke up feeling kind of blue today.
As I tried to put my finger on why that was, I quickly knew it was the same reason that it always tends to be.

Over the last four years, It is easy to say that the hardest thing in my life has been the constant saying goodbye to my three older boys.
Although God has brought so much healing to so many other areas in my heart, this is the one thing that continues to sting.

When God blessed me to become a mother, the thought of having to say goodbye to them while they were growing up didn't come into the equation.

If you have went through a divorce and you have children, you too probably know how this feels.

I am thankful that the boys hearts have healed and that to them....this is normal.

There is such an emptiness that comes to my heart while they are away.

As I pray through it, God does bring the peace that only He can. For that I am thankful.

I did go buy a lot of groceries today for our menu and the upcoming week. Their beds are made and all their laundry folded for their return.