I finally have accepted the fact that I really am not that great of a cook...

For years, I have attempted to make new recipes and also try to develop a style of my own. I bought magazines and new cook books with great intentions to finally achieve this desired "gift".

I would jot down recipes from friends on note cards as if that would help me in some sort of way too.

I caught myself in mid sentence last week saying to someone that I really wasn't that great of a cook...

All these years of pushing myself and beating myself up when the recipes didn't turn out finally was okay with me. Where was this new attitude coming from????

I think its that I have recognized that although I may not be that great of a cook, that doesn't mean that I'm not a good wife and mother. I am great at a lot of other things.

"I" made a $7 pre-packaged dinner from Walmart last week and it was a huge hit!!!!! Are you kidding me?????

You mean to tell me that for all these years, I have been spending wasted extra money and time on doing something that I really didn't understand or even enjoy for that matter...


In Humility, I have found Joy.