My daddy

I went for another coffee visit with mom today...

She pulled out a big tupperware box full of keepsakes. It held old cards,letters and special newspaper clippings.

I found this written on a piece of paper...

A poem written by my father for me on my 20th birthday.

Years ago I fell in love
With a woman much like you.
Flowing hair and bluesh eyes
She had your smile too.

I thought that she would always be
The only one of her kind.
That no one else could ever compare...
No one else I'd find.

And so I married this dear maid,
And took her to my home,
Twenty years have come and gone,
Our little girl has grown.

So much like a princess,
A holy work of grace,
My compliment on this, your birthday,
You have your Mother's face!

I love you Jennifer - Dad 7/7/97