Mama Heidi

Last night, I made a quick unannounced visit over to see my parents. Mom had made a stop on her way home from work, so it would be just dad and I. We sat and had another meaningful conversation together and as I sat and listened to him speak, something in my heart told me to pause and cherish the moment.

I have taken so much for granted in my life. It is so easy to do. We sat there talking together while the fireplace burned so beautifully and although I only had an hour,
it was all that I needed. After about twenty minutes of talking he said that he had a video that he wanted to show me.

He said as soon as he first watched it that it made him think of me. That made me smile. We sat there and watched this video together and during different clips, we would look at each other with tears.

This is just a four minute clip of the entire video that dad and I watched last night.

The end of the full video says it all....

She inspires you to just change
"one" persons life. Just one.

You'll have to pause my music that plays automatically at the bottom of my page to heart the video best.