Writing has become so therapeutic for me...

I was sharing with some dear friends of mine yesterday about how I used to get so frustrated and almost depressed when I would attempt to do something that didn't come natural to me.

I wanted to be a crafty wife and mother. I wished that I could play the guitar. I tried new recipes... I was in search for something to call mine. Something that just felt "right". Ironically, as I would blog about wishing to find that "missing gift" in my life, I was getting closer than I had realized.

I have spent the last few hours working on more editing of the book that I hope to soon publish. I can't explain how much purpose that I have found ever since I first sat down to write about my journey.

I am discovering so many new truths about who I am and even more so about who I am not.

If you are searching for a "gift" and continuously feel discouraged, maybe you need to go back to parts of your journey and just maybe you were a writer all along.